Spencer Cocoa - single origin chocolate

Spencer Cocoa is Australian-made chocolate. Made from scratch in Mudgee, using cocoa beans grown in Vanuatu. 

We visit our growers twice a year to catch up and select new-season beans. We buy directly from a small group of families on the island of Malekula who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cocoa ready for shipping to Australia.

Back in Mudgee, we roast, grind, conch and temper the cocoa into beautiful chocolate.

Simple ingredients, direct trade, bean-to-bar.


Luke Spencer - chocolate maker


Follow our chocolate... bean to bar

Spencer Cocoa Chocolate begins on the island of Malekula (pronounced mal-e-kOOla) in Vanuatu, where the cocoa beans are grown. We buy beans directly from 2-3 families in a village on the west-coast of the island, visiting twice per year when the cocoa trees are being harvested.

We make single-origin chocolate from these beans in Mudgee, a thriving town located in Central West NSW. Here we have a tiny factory that produces small-batches of chocolate using a simple process of roasting, grinding and tempering. 

Follow our process below... from Bean to Bar!

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pods & beans 

Harvest is carried out in Autumn and Spring each year by our growers and their families. Cocoa pods are picked from the trees, and cut open out in the field. The wet beans are scooped from the pods into bags to be transported to the fermentery.

fermented & dried

At the fermentery, bags of wet beans are emptied into large timber boxes... here the natural sweet sap on the bean warms up and starts to ferment - an essential process where cocoa beans start developing that chocolate flavour. Fermented beans are then spread out on mesh beds over wood-fire heated blowers and dried, ready for shipping. 


roast, crack and winnow

We make <20kg small batches of dark (72% cocoa) and milk (42% cocoa) chocolate at our tiny factory in Mudgee NSW. Beans are roasted, then cracked into small pieces (nibs) and winnowed to remove the papery 'husk'.  

grind, temper and mold

These cleaned nibs are then ground in our stone grinder before the cocoa butter and sugar are added (plus whole milk powder for our milk chocolate). Our chocolate is then tempered and hand-molded into luscious glossy bars!  

We do not use any nuts in our factory or soy lecithin.