Spencer Cocoa - single origin chocolate

Spencer Cocoa is Australian-made chocolate. Made from scratch in Mudgee, using cocoa beans grown in Vanuatu. 

We visit our growers twice a year to catch up and select new-season beans. We buy directly from a small group of families on the island of Malekula who grow, harvest, ferment and dry the cocoa ready for shipping to Australia.

Back in Mudgee, we roast, grind, conch and temper the cocoa into beautiful chocolate.

Simple ingredients, direct trade, bean-to-bar.


Luke Spencer - chocolate maker


Is your chocolate really bean-to-bar?

Chocolate made from cocoa beans.

Chocolate made from cocoa beans.

'Bean-to-bar' is a bit of a buzz-word.. but what does it actually mean?

It means the bar of chocolate you're nibbling into was made by the person you bought it from - from scratch.

Some chocolate on the market is 'made in Australia' from imported, already-made chocolate that has been re-melted and moulded into new chocolate bars.

Sure, this sort of chocolate was originally made from scratch using cocoa beans / cocoa butter / sugar etc.. just not by the person you bought it from.

Is there anything wrong with this? Well, no! Imported chocolate can of course be excellent! And remelting / tempering into fresh bars of chocolate shouldn't affect the quality..

The main thing is that you know what you're buying. If something says it was 'made' in a certain place... was it made from scratch there, or just remoulded there?

Cocoa beans grinding.. now for the sugar and cocoa butter

Cocoa beans grinding.. now for the sugar and cocoa butter

The flavour and quality of bean-to-bar chocolate is a unique combination of bean origin, roasting technique, grinding, balancing other ingredients and tempering...

And every chocolate maker has their own style and recipe!

So we hope you enjoy our chocolate like a good wine, made by someone you know, from fruit grown in one place.

(Ok... off the soap box!)

Luke Spencer.. Chocolate Maker

Luke Spencer.. Chocolate Maker